Csilla - Csilla and family

Dear Sisira, thank you for our great trip. It was a beautiful 1 day trip from Colombo to Sigiryja , Dambulla and and amazing safari. For us it was a unique experience. The driver was Sisira brother, highly recommended also, very friendly and good driver.He guided us, waited always, and gave us a great advices. If I go back to Sri Lanka ones, for sure I will take the same company, would not change anything. Sri Lanka is a nice country and nothing is better than to experience is with locals. It was a great choice and can only highly recommend. The whole day was percet, the driver came always as we agreed without any minutes of delay. Much appreciated and thank you again. You made our stay in Sri Lanka very memoralble. Csilla, Daniel and family. December 2016

Date : 15-12-2016


Andy D. - We have to say thank you again for this beautiful time in sri Lanka.

We have to say thank you again for this beautiful time in sri Lanka. You have been always a save driver and your knowledge about your job is awesome. For us could be there no better way to travel then with you. Maybe you can do different countries for our next trip :-) Take care...

Date : 18-11-2016


Emily and Jack - Thank you Sisira for an incredible four days touring your diverse, fascinating and beautiful country!

Thank you Sisira for an incredible four days touring your diverse, fascinating and beautiful country! Sisira was a fantastic guide for my partner Jack and I, on our four day tour through Sri Lanka. Sisira is a walking guide/history book and there wasn't one question he couldn't answer, as he took us through Sri Lanka's impressive historical relics, enchanting religious sights and beautiful, cool highlands. After leaving Sisira we still had 2.5 weeks in Sri Lanka and Sisira went above and beyond to plan out an itinerary for us for the rest of our stay, which we're currently still on and thoroughly enjoying! Highly recommended by us, the Aussie couple, Emily and Jack :-D

Date : 07-10-2016


Sandor & Eniko - Thank you for making our tour unforgettable!

It took us a lot of time to find the ultimate tour guide, but i think we succeeded. He was the one who didn't want to force his itinerary on us, but he took ours and he adjusted it just as it was needed. Sisira brought us to many beautiful places and always told about us the background in an interesting way, he gave us a deep insight to their life, culture, religion and history. We got a special treatment, the most important to him is our satisfaction. He always had some surprise to us to make our day. We got friendly prices everywhere just because we were his clients. In case of any complications, he immediately solved it, as it was his problem. He is a great driver also, and due to his presence, we always felt safe, anywhere we got. If you are reading this, stop searching a tour guide, you have found the perfect one. Dear Sisira, thank you for making our tour unforgettable. Your friends from Hungary.

Date : 04-08-2016


Giorgio and Veneta - A great, top level experience

Dear Sisira, we really enjoyed the tour you organized for us and your style. You have been a perfect guide, extremely well prepared, kind and refined, with a touch of British style and humour which is always welcome. Always attentive while driving (and trafic conditions in Sri lanka could be challenging, considering the tuk-tuks, the elephants on the streets in the night, the big lizards etc), we felt very well during the past week spent with you around your wonderful country. Thank you very much for your great services. Giorgio and Veneta

Date : 15-06-2016


Olga Jakubowska - Kamil an Ola - thank You

Hi, It was our honeymoon. We spent a great time on Sri Lanka. Sisira prepared an unforgettable journey. I would recommend it for everyone. best Kamil

Date : 02-06-2016


Mark and Michelle Vangorph - Thank you

We both want to thank you so much for making our time in your beautiful country unforgettable. My wife and I spent 3 magical weeks traveling around Sri Lanka. 8 of those days were guided by Sisira around much of the cultural triangle and were some of the fondest memories of the whole trip. Not only would Sisira drive us from place to place but he would also engage in conversation about his countries culture, religion, wildlife and even his own personal life. He has fantastic spoken English, and a huge knowledge of everything Sri Lankan, from plants, to animals, to religion. It was a truly fantastic trip. Some of the high points of the trip for us included the Dambula cave temples, Climbing Sigirya Rock, and hiking the worlds end. Every moment we were with Sisira we felt completely safe, and well looked after. A true gentleman, and completely trustworthy. We had no problems at all leaving personal possessions with him while we were off doing various activities. So if your looking for a friendly, informative guide and driver while in Sri Lanka then look no further. The main thing for us was that we were able to fit in so many more activities than we would have if we had used public transport and his rates were so reasonable. If we ever find ourselves back in Sri Lanka in the future I know who we will be calling. Sisira, we wish you all the best for you and your family and from the bottom of our hearts we would like to say thank you.

Date : 04-05-2016


Ivy & sin yuan - Thank you

My boyfriend and i went to sri lanka for a short trip last month. I would like to thank sisira again for his wonderful service. He is very knowledgeable about his country, culture and religion. We really appreciate his service throughout our trip to make it memorable to us. We wish you and your family stay healthy and happy always.

Date : 04-05-2016


Mary Walsdorf - A guide can make or break a trip and I had the best.

I would like to comment on my recent trip to Sir Lanka with Sisira. Sri Lanka is a fascinating country and no one could have helped us appreciate its natural beauty, multi-cultural heritage, and highlights more than Sisira. Everywhere we went--tea plantations, temples, game drives, ancient ruins, and markets--he was knowledgeable, forthcoming, and helpful. (He also has a really good sense of humor which added to our total experieince)! To a great extent, a guide can make or break a trip and I had the best.

Date : 04-05-2016


Edie Halpern - Thank you

I want to take this opportunity to thank you again, Sisira, for the wonderful tour you provided for us. I am sure no one could have done it better. Every day was filled with new and exciting adventures as you drove us through your beautiful country— palm beaches—fresh green rice paddies and hills dotted with tea plantations–-ancient ruins—-temples-- vibrant villages---and game drives. Your expert knowledge of your history, religion and culture was phenomenal. Your keen eye for spotting animals and all the fascinating birds was amazing. We loved the three game drives you planned and marveled that you saw the animals and birds before the game jeep driver. I don’t know how you remember all of the bird names. Most important, was the fact that we knew you were always available for us if we needed anything at any time. And also, most important, we knew and appreciated that we were always in good hands with your expert driving skills. It was such a special trip! I wish you and your family the best of good health and happy days! Best regards, Edie Halpern Chicago, Illinois USA

Date : 30-01-2016


Filip Rudnicki - very friendly and multi-talented person

My husband and I spent two weeks in Sri Lanka in July/August 2015. Sisira was taking care of us for 8 days. He is a very friendly and multi-talented person. He spekas English, Arabic and Japanese. He has huge knowdledge about the history of his country, religions, society and nature. More over, he has a great sense of humor and during our trip we were laughing a lot. Sisira was looking after us also when we had parted and went to our beach holidays: he organised the transport from the beach to the airport in Colombo and the hotel in Colombo and he called us to check if everything was OK. We have been very impressed with his services and are pleased to recommend Sisira to anyone who needs a professional guide, safe driver and funny friend. Thank you very much and keep up the good work, Malinga! Review by Karina and Zbyszek

Date : 06-09-2015


Dora Poon - He was amongst the best guides we have had in our 40 years of international travel.

My husband and I visited Sri Lanka for ten days in April 2015 and had the fortune of having Sisira as our licenced guide and driver. He was amongst the best guides we have had in our 40 years of international travel. Sisira’s services were impeccable. I am compelled to write this review so that anyone who requires a guide/driver in Sri Lanka can benefit from my positive experience. Sisira is gentle, reliable, honest yet humorous. Thanks to him, we had a wonderfully enriching, comfortable, and worry-freetrip. His smooth, safe driving made the long rides in Sri Lanka very comfortable. His new, clean 7-seater passenger van in which I could stand added much comfort to our trip! Our main interests were culture, history, hiking, and safaris. I am glad I took Sisira’s advice on the itinerary instead of insisting on my wishes as it turned out he was right in all the timing. Sisira took us to three very different safaris: Eco Park on wild elephants and other animals and birds; night safari (so interesting and fun!) and the one at Wilpattu National Park. Without Sisira we would have missed most of the birds and animals he spotted. Trekking at Horton’s Plain and up Adams Peak were indescribably interesting, with amazing views. We were awestruck by Sisira’s detailed explanation of the UMESCO cultural heritages of Sri Lanka, which spanned from 4 century B.C. to 10 century A.D. Sisira’s intimate knowledge and love of Sri Lankan culture, history, birds, animals, and

Date : 11-05-2015